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Neptune Security is the premier security service on land and water


Neptune Security is a dynamic security company providing the highest level of security on the water for both private and commercial clients.

Our agents are specialist in their field and most were initially trained by either the US military or various  law enforcement agencies. Many are battle tested and have showing superior skills under extreme pressure.

We extensively train our agents in numerous personal protection tactics and in the latest security technologies. This makes for a well rounded security operative ready for anything the sea may throw at them.

Our agents are trained in the latest anti pirate tactics and are qualified with many non lethal and deterrent devices.

Pirates attacked and or captured over 200 vessels in 2009.

Don't become the pirates next target.

Neptune Security -  we stop attacks before they happen.

Most attacks happen at night when luxury yacht crews are sleeping. That is why Neptune Security runs rotating watches and we are prepared,alert and proactive when pirates try to test the waters.

Map of reported pirate attacks in 2008

Neptune Security is your only choice when it comes to providing security aboard your private yacht. Our agents blend into the environment very well so you will most likely never realize we are there until we are needed.

We offer the highest level of security on the water

Special Ops trained agents

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When you are on the ocean you need to be secure you need Neptune Security

We provide elite security service world wide

We protect your Assets.

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  Modern day Pirates have changed the way companies ship their items. Heavy ransoms amounting to millions have been paid for hijacked ships. Just this last January Asian Glory a ship full of Hyundai and Kia vehicles was hijacked by pirates. Don't let modern day pirates ruin your next cargo shipment.
Neptune Security's pirate protection teams ensure your cargo will make it to its destination. Our team members our trained in the latest anti-piracy tactics using many less than lethal and deterrent devices. Contact one of Neptune Security's account representatives now to protect your assets today.


Don't let a small boat of criminals impede your cargo shipment call Neptune Security 609-781-5259 and protect your assets today.

We have quick response units that can be on site in as little as 24 hours depending on your location.
Executive Protection Services    

Neptune sets the standard when it comes to executive protection services providing reliable security services for all situations. We offer many security packages everything from unarmed bodyguard-drivers to our elite armed twelve man presidential protection package with location scouting. Neptune Security demands the most out of our agents. We hire proven operatives mostly veterans in the military or law enforcement special operations community. On top of the specialized training our agents have received from their former careers we extensively train each agent in the latest security technology and tactics fine tuning for each operation. When you need to be secure entrust Neptune Security to protect your assets.  Agents are fully trained and equipped to handle each assignment. Armored transportation services are available by request

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