Don't let pirates ruin your day                                                                        Neptune Security
Neptune Security is the premier security service on land and water

Neptune Security is owned and operated by a veteran Search and Rescue Swimmer trained Navy Intelligence operative. We hire security specialists mainly from the military special forces communities but we also employ local and federal law enforcement where it is appropriate. Neptune is capable and comfortable providing security on the water for any platform from 70ft luxury yachts to 900ft cruise ships or even 1200 ft cargo ships. Neptune Security's headquarters is located in Moorestown New Jersey but we provide on site security for private and corporate clients worldwide.

In addittion to the highly specialized military training our security operatives have received in their former careers our agents are extensively training in the latest security tactics and technologies on land and water. All of Neptune Security's agents are CPR qualified and trained in first aid. Our close proximity to defense contractor Lockheed Martin helps us keep up to date on the latest and developing security technologies used aboard ship.   

Neptune Security is proud to offer the highest level of security in and out of the water world wide.

Yacht Security
Neptune Security offers nothing but the highest level of security on the water. Each agent is hand picked for each and every mission. Our marine security agents are first aid and scuba qualified mostly made up of veteran operators of the Navy Seals and Coast Guard Special Operations Command. Neptune agents are appropriately dressed and equipped for each and every mission. We blend in or stand out where appropriate. Neptune does require one bed per two men on board, crew quarters are adequate.

Waterfront Security
With the latest in surveillance technologies available Neptune Security offers clients the capability of turning their Waterfront Palace into a Waterfront Fortress. We conduct complete threat assessments and address all potential treats with the latest security technologies.


Shipboard Security
Neptune Security provides shipboard security operations for the cruise ship industry. We provide fully trained maritime security agents for a range of security operations. We specialize in on board security and provide services ranging from personal security for VIP's to a complete shipboard security force. Ask about our anti-pirate task force which offers many non-lethal and deterrent devices.

Cargo Ship Shipboard Security
Neptune currently has two six man teams of former elite special forces operators working our anti-pirate team escorting cargo ships through known pirate territories. Call today we can have a team flown out to ensure that your next shipment is secure. Don't become a victim to modern day piracy. We stop attacks before they happen.

Executive Protection
Neptune Security offers presidential level security to Executives, Celebrities, Diplomats and high profile clients worldwide.  We are very discrete when it comes to our client list but we can tell you our agents have provided security for many different Heads of State, Government officials, CEO's, Celebrities and other high risk clients.  Neptune Security agents are professional security operatives and team players we can intergrade with your current security team when you need added protection. 

Private Transportation Security
Neptune Security can provide complete transportation logistics for high level clients providing seamless transportation anywhere in the world. Seamless secure transportation including decoy and intercept vehicles when needed. Armored transportation services are available.



Neptune Security
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