Don't let pirates ruin your day                                                                        Neptune Security
Neptune Security is the premier security service on land and water

Private Yacht Security -Neptune Security offers the highest level of protection on the water. Our agents are extensively trained for water borne security and each is certified in first aide and scuba. We are as comfortable providing security for clients scuba diving the reefs of the caribbean as we are executing anti pirate tactics in the Indian ocean.  We do require a minimum of one room for every two security agents on board.

Executive Protection - Neptune Security provides armed and unarmed bodyguards and personal drivers. We provide personal security   Armored transportation service is available by request

Waterfront Security -Neptune Security offers a complete threat assessment.

 Celebrity Services- Neptune Security offers a total protection package designed to cater to the client who needs seamless security for any situation or special circumstance. 

 We also offer an anti-paparazzi force who deter those pests from pursuing using playful tactics. Call in our pap squad today and get rid of your pest problem
     Private Jet and Helicopter Services
Neptune Security offers transportation logistics through a vast world wide network. We can get you where you need to be quickly and securely.

     Cruise Ship Shipboard Security Force-
Neptune Security supplies professional shipboard security forces to the cruise ship industry. Our teams can orchestrate a number of tasks including VIP personal security, shipboard security forces, and port security. Neptune operates anti pirate teams that can be delivered by helicopter and dropped on to your deck to escort you through known pirate infested waters.

 Cargo Ship Shipboard Security teams-Neptune Security offers
anti-pirate escort teams that can be delivered by helicopter to escort your cargo through known pirate ridden waters.

 Port Security- Neptune Security can provide security

     K-9 Security

Neptune Security
-bomb detection k-9
-personal protection k-9
-drug detection k-9

Neptune Security

Neptune Security is a security company providing the highest level of security on the water
for both private and commercial clients

All rates are subject to availability.

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